Saizul Amin

Saizul Amin
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Md. Saizul Amin (Bengali: মোঃ সাইজুল আমিন; born 12 May 1998) is from Sreepur, Gazipur district and BUBT Cricket team he also plays for BUBT Sports Club. He is an All-Rounder. Saizul is a right-handed batsman and fast bowler. Saizul Amin was also captain of the team Hypertext Assassins.

Saizul Amin
Saizul Amin

Personal life

Saizul Amin was born in the district of Gazipur in Bangladesh. He enjoyed playing sports such as badminton and football from a young age, and sometimes went swimming in the nearby Shitalakshya river instead of doing school work. He has been described as an open and animated character who enjoys cycling. He is very popular in his home town, leading to him being dubbed their “Sagor”.

Saizul Studies for B.Sc. Engg. in CSE at Bangladesh University of Business and Technology - BUBT. He completed his Secondary School Certificate (SSC) from Barmi Bazar High School in 2015 and his Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) from Barmi Degree College in 2017.

He was more interested in cricket as a youth, especially bowling. In spite of this, his bowling is now his main attribute and his pace has gained him the nickname of the “Technique”.


Saizul Amin made his cricket career debut for BUBT Cricket Team against UAP on 12 May 2018. Saizul had the best bowling economy for BUBT in Clemon Indoor Uni Cricket 2018, where they beat UAP, and BU to go into the final with AIUB. They lost to AIUB in a group match and in the final. Saizul was outstanding with the Bowling as he scored 5 runs (1 Over) with an average of 5 and eco 5.00, and played a major part of BUBT Bowling unit. It was the first time that BUBT beat UAP in Indoor Cricket.

Saizul Amin
Saizul Amin at ULAB Play Ground

BUBT Cricket Team

On 12 May 2018, Saizul made his Clemon debut against UAP.

Job Career

Saizul is currently associated with a private company as a web designer. Besides he is a news writer at The Mail Bd and Bioscope-TV also a web designer. Within a month of joining The Mail BD, Saizul reported more than a thousand news items. Which is about ten times more than other reporters. He also wrote a few articles. He also joined The Mail BD as a web designer. As well as another company called Bioscope TV started doing the same thing. And there, in a month, more than eight hundred news publishers. Which is much more than usual.


Saizul Amin is the youngest member of his family. They are five brothers in number and he is the last of them. He lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh with his elder brother.



Father: Md. Aminul Haque

Mother: Rowshonara Begum


  • Md. Ruhul Amin
  • Md. Nurul Amin
  • Md. Khairul Amin
  • Md. Faizul Amin


Saizul Amin is not married yet of 2021.


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Saizul Amin

Saizul Amin is from Gazipur district and BUBT Cricket team he also plays for BUBT Sports Club. He was also captain of the team Hypertext Assassins.